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An Icon Returns

Every year seems to have new pictures out featuring a shark that promoters try to hype, yet reviews of its CGI effects are, “it’s not Jaws”, so why not give everyone what they want to see? A returning icon is only exciting if you capture its original features perfectly, so that’s why we went to the top name in animatronics effects, to give you a replica so many sci-fi fans have been waiting for, plus, those two frightening notes you want to hear again.

Mike Schultz provides full scale and miniature animatronics, models, and numerous FX for film, TV (SyFy Channel), museums, and fans, including the most collectible movie shark sculptures ever sold online.

“Mike and his family have done an outstanding job in replicating “Bruce.” The craftsmanship is superb, and I am proud to be an owner of one of these beauties!” – Cal Acord (Jaws special FX)

Nonstop Entertainment

Yes, we’ve seen those sci-fi creature vs. creature pictures, each promising you that fight, its conclusion, but you get over 1 ½ hours of unnecessary content first, then, its CGI for effects, where actors, actresses, are pretending something’s there – it’s not. For our movie you won’t have to wait for anything because the film’s creatures are its characters, however, no CGI for their effects, no unnecessary content – it’s ½ hour that features two huge sea creatures for nonstop entertainment, so the fighting is the theme throughout everything.

Next Stop – TV!

Television sponsors want stations to present fan interest for new shows that’s encouraging viewers to watch, so they can increase revenue. Now that the teaser trailer is out, we’re preparing to show sponsors that we have fans supporting its television release, so we want to put together an impressive list of those fans’ names – each name is important here – so please sign your name to help get Sharkloch to television!


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